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Last night was movie night at MoC’s. We watched The Spirit of St Louis and decided Jimmy Stewart didn’t look good as a blond. Then we watched Love Me Tonight, which was great fun. Myrna Loy had a small part, but one of the best lines ever.

Vicomte Gilbert de Vareze: [after the Princess has fainted] Could you go for a doctor?
Countess Valentine: YES… bring him right in!

Also, she was one of the most beautiful women on the entire planet.  *sigh*

As I was helping MoC to bed, she got her walker caught in the doorway.

Me: The motherfucker goes sideways, remember?

MoC: The motherfucker was sideways!

Me: What are you doing?

MoC: Trying to step on your foot.

Me: You missed.

MoC: Wait. Let me try it again.

Thanks, MoC.  😆

When I got home I found a Facebook message from Shreck, asking me if she had the correct phone number because she’d been texting me. Sorry, wrong number. We fixed that and then met for a drink at a little bar that had a cover band. They weren’t bad musicians but the singer was a little off-key and they didn’t do original music, which I prefer. But hanging out with Shreck is always fun, so it was a win.

After I got home again, I got on Twitter and saw this tweet:

RealKidPoker Daniel Negreanu: Want a great way to learn poker? Log into PokerStars, click Events then watch replays WITH holecards from WCOOP events. I’m doing that now.

Awesome! These are real money tournaments that I can no longer play in because GOD FORBID I spend my money the way I want to. Thank you, Uncle Sam, you’re a dick. I actually have a huge rant about that, but I’ll save it for another time because it’s Sunday and I am in a really good mood after a very nice weekend.

How was yours?