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It started with a sneezing fit on Friday. I put it down to the drastic change in the weather. When I couldn’t get out of bed Saturday or Sunday, I thought it might be something more. When I was so exhausted it took me over an hour to get ready for work (when it normally takes 20 minutes, tops) on Monday, I was convinced that I probably had bronchitis. Again. And when I overslept this morning by 5 hours, I was glad I had taken today as a vacation day “just in case.”  So while the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated today – that might not be the case tomorrow. We’ll see what the doctor says.

Here’s some of what the fever caused me to do:

  • Come back from MoC’s on Monday so clammy and hot that I cranked the air on again
  • Woke up entangled in blankets, but sweating again
  • Watched the cats watch me. Fell asleep again before I could shoo them off the bed.
  • Woke up again, freezing because the A/C was still on
  • Drank my weight (by volume) in Lipton tea … steamy goodness
  • Drank my IQ  (by volume, in ounces) in Nyquil … cherry-flavored oblivion
  • Got tired of sleeping after approximately 60 hours and started playing poker
    • busted out of a tournament in 5th place (no payout) by going all in with 10-5 off suit. I have no idea what I was thinking, either.