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Welcome to Monday – the day that lasted 48 hours and would. not. die.

  • woke up late, went to work late
  • realized I had Wednesday scheduled off, so I called my shrink to change my appointment
  • discovered my appointment was actually Tuesday and called the shrink back
  • texted Leslie that I couldn’t have lunch with her because I was going to die if I didn’t eat right. that. second.
  • got written up due to my absences because of MoC
    • my boss is cool with it because she knows what’s going on, but rules are rules.
    • fuck the rules, this is my mother we’re talking about
    • my boss told me that her own mother lived to be in her 90’s and begged to be euthanized
    • WHAT?
  • got a call from the hospital that MoC was being released
  • called back to find out when, hilarity did not ensue, but yet another clusterfuck
  • left work early to get MoC – and sat on my ass for another 2 hours before they got the paperwork ready
  • Got MoC home and David showed up and scolded me for not answering my phone. Apparently, he was willing to leave work early to pick up MoC. Yay David. Stupid phone.
  • David conned me into staying with MoC until bedtime, but promised he would do dinner and snack on Tuesday.
    • which means I left work at 3pm and got home at 10pm.
    • fuck that noise
  • Got into an argument with MoC about a colonoscopy that she was supposed to have done in the hospital.
    • I lost.
  • Got into an argument with the nurse, who said it wasn’t in the chart, even though I talked to the ER doc and the other nurse, who both promised to put it in the chart.
  • Took the Lord’s name in vain.
  • Got a call from the nurse at the hospital. That prescription they handed me? Not actually for MoC. Oooops.
  • Went to bed
    • could not sleep

Welcome to the second 24 hours of Monday

  • sort of got to work on time, but found a bunch of shit on my desk that I didn’t want to deal with
  • realized I had a mammogram scheduled for 1pm
    • cancelled the mammogram because … fuck it
  • scrambled to get all my work done
    • Epic fail
  • Got a call from Saint Mary, MoC’s caregiver, who said the visiting nurse was confused about MoC’s meds and recommended we make an appointment with MoC’s doctor. Which Mary did. For tomorrow. At 10:00.
    • Which will fuck me up with my job. Again.
  • had to go home at lunch. Boys, don’t ask. Girls, yeah, one of those days.
  • found my diploma in the mail.
    • Yay!
  • Did not find a check in the mail from the grant I received
    • boo!
  • found a bill from my student loan that apparently I was supposed to be paying since July, even though I thought I had 6 months after I graduated to start paying.
    • past due $711
    • fuck
    • realized I have about $100 until my next payday.
    • FUCK!
  • Got a text from another friend: Are you okay?
    • which was nice, but leave me alone
  • Got a call from Saint Mary, the caregiver
    • MoC fell, kind of slid off the couch onto her butt, and was fine, but
    • Mary couldn’t get her off the floor, could I come by?
    • asked my boss if I could flex time AGAIN
    • Made it to my car before my phone rang again.
    • it was MoC, who let me start my car and pull out of the space before she told me David was on his way.
  • Went back in to work.
  • Came home
    • laid on the bed with the fan on my face for one hour
  • Got back up
  • Forgot dinner
  • Had a drink
  • Was Facebook fake-shunned by The Lass.  Made me smile. See? 😀

I have had it. I can’t take one more thing happening. Not even one.

How was your Monday/Tuesday?