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The prompts for Unconscious Mutterings are so uninspiring that I’m not even doing it this week. You can find the words after the jump.

My neighbors have a new dog. I brought down the cat bed that the beasts never use and left it on their back porch so the dog will have a soft bed to sleep in at night. Yes, I’m a sucker. And so I played with the puppy for a few minutes until two of the boys came outside, the youngest who is autistic and the oldest, who is very polite (which is nice). I spent 10 minutes talking with the autistic one about caterpillars and wasps and explaining why I don’t have windows at the front of my apartment, which he said was sad. And yes, it is sad. He was pretty talkative, so maybe he’s not autistic, but he definitely has some major issues.

When I got back upstairs, Indy was sitting in the spot where the cat bed was, just staring at me. I said, “What? You never used it!” and she sighed and lowered her head. My cat is disappointed in me. Join the club, Indy.

There is lots more to say, but nothing I want to talk about. It’s been a really rough weekend but it will get better. I refuse to be sucked into pessimism and depression. Writing for the pathfinder course has been an incredible help to me and I might share some of that next week. It is self-study and there is no grade involved but I truly want to get as much out of it as I can. It has definitely helped me find the positives in this mess I call my life.

That’s it from me. Your words, if you choose to participate, are next.


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