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I’ve been introduced to some fabulous people through my blog. Even though I’ve not met some of them (yet), I still consider them to be friends. Because, really, people who get to know me through my blog actually get to know me.

They know when I’m having a hard time, even if I’m not saying it. And they always seem to know how to make me laugh.

This morning I woke to an email from Kelly*. All it said was, “See? I can be bitchy, too.”  And there was a picture attached. The picture made me laugh out loud at 5:30am, which is kind of a neat trick. Then I got a second email that said, “Also? If you post that, I will kill you.”

I hadn’t considered posting it until I got that email.

It’s probably not a good idea to challenge me. I’m just sayin’ …

* Thank you, Kelly, for making me laugh and for being a good sport – sort of.