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Yesterday I was just enjoying my Sunday, playing in a poker tournament, when all hell broke loose. It was a three table, 27 player tournament, and we were down to about 14 and I was in 6th place, just starting to make some moves and claw my way to the top. That’s when we had a fantastic thunderstorm that only lasted about 30 minutes, but managed to knock my power out for over 6 hours.

Remember that cool new phone I bought, the Optimus smart phone? It does everything. I can email and do G chat and get on Facebook, which is what normal smart phones do. My smart phone? Not so freakin’ smart, apparently. If you have the G chat app, you can’t actually log out of G chat. If you have the Facebook app, you can’t log out of Facebook. (Both apps have been destroyed. Or at least removed and/or disabled from my phone.) Isn’t technology supposed to make life easier?

But no. When the power didn’t come back on immediately and it started getting hot as hell in my apartment, I opened all the windows and flew the coop. My phone has a crappy battery life, so I didn’t want to be on the internet because it drains the battery. A battery I might need if I had to use my phone as my alarm clock this morning. Which is why the Facebook and G chat thing really annoyed me.

I hung out with MoC for a while and then I went to a little local bar with the intent of calling my brother and making him buy me a beer. But the bar was closed. Of course. So I went to the dollar store and bought the thickest book I could find and went to another bar, where I planned to just sit and read and drink margaritas. That plan was shot to hell when Mrs Married joined me. Not that she is terrible company because she’s not. It’s just complicated and I don’t want complicated. I need simple and easy.

That’s when my boss called. Rut-roh. Seems the system that crashed on Saturday (causing me to lose my overtime) was still down and I needed to call this morning to find out if I should come in.

So now I’m off for the day and wondering what kind of twist life is going to throw at me next.

In other news, I’m on fire, but not for Jesus. Sorry, Jesus. All the stress of the last 10 months has been catching up with me. At first, I had lots of trouble sleeping and I couldn’t eat. Now my stomach has been on fire for the last month. I can’t eat anything without wanting to just curl up and die. I’ve started drinking baking soda and water, which is exactly as nasty as it sounds, but it works. So far anyway.

“What’s next?” said the tree to the woodpecker.
Be a tree. Even though there are holes on the outside,
only you control what’s on the inside.
Laugh at the woodpeckers.