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I don’t really love thrash metal, but Tim’s band Collapse  is pretty good. He invited us to hang out backstage in the green room (which was blue. weird).  There was a comedian who was so unfunny that we heckled him. There was a white rapper who rapped about Jesus. He had the best line of the night. His song was called Break Out and he wanted us to break out for Jesus, like a middle-schooler with acne. Wish I could remember how he rhymed ‘acne.’  I feel I’ve failed you, Internet. And then I almost went home with Tim’s guitar player. By ‘almost’ I mean he smiled at me once. Strangely enough, he was more interested in a barely legal (and barely dressed) chick in fishnets. Hard to compete with that.

I’ll console myself with Unconscious Mutterings. You know the drill. The words come from Luna Nina and the responses come from your twisted little psyche. Ready? Go.

  1. Stewart ::
  2. Leafy ::
  3. Ridiculous ::
  4. Constipated ::
  5. Bullied ::
  6. Permanent ::
  7. Surgery ::
  8. Mosquito ::
  9. Meat ::
  10. Stupefy ::

  1. Stewart :: Little
  2. Leafy :: substance
  3. Ridiculous :: situation
  4. Constipated :: there’s an app for that
  5. Bullied :: #Loveislouder
  6. Permanent :: grin
  7. Surgery :: ah, anesthesia
  8. Mosquito :: bite
  9. Meat :: loaf
  10. Stupefy :: excellent band name