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I’m about to go out with Shreck and Julie (we need to get Julie a cool nickname) to see Collapse, a local band that really needs its own website (hint, hint). Tim is the drummer. Tim went to school with us. By definition, that makes Tim hot shit. So, a small-scale high school reunion.

I have a post about Pink Floyd’s The Wall in the works – it’s not going well. Not only can I not listen to the album in its entirety, or watch the movie start to finish, apparently I am unable to write about it, too. I also have a post about squirrel-cage thinking, arrogance and destiny that is mostly ripped off from a conversation with Kelly, but I haven’t had time to put it together.

Which leaves you with my attitude: I don’t give a shit.

Watch this video. It is a must-see, even if you saw it on Thebloggess, or Miss-Britt or Stuck. I want to be badass like the honey badger. When the cobra bites me, I want to pass out for a couple hours and then get back up and eat that bastard.