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MoC is back at the rehab center – she calls it “the home.” I refuse to call it that.  We aren’t sure how long she’ll be incarcerated this time, but she’s already managed to get a private room. How does she do that?


How does she do that?  I need to know.

So MoC was there for all of two days before she got exactly what she wanted – meanwhile I’m arguing with car hops. And losing.  FML!

I haven’t been to the grocery store in three weeks. I am pretty sure the milk moved itself to the other side of the fridge. I’m scared to open the door again.  So by the time I left MoC’s, I hadn’t eaten a thing all day and it was almost 7pm. I ended up at Sonic for a chicken strip wrap. Yum. Oh, you don’t have a Sonic? I can’t say you’re missing much,  but here’s a link if you’re curious. The car hops are NOT that smiley – that’s a damn lie.

Sonic is also all about atmosphere. They blast oldies from outside speakers. And by blast, I mean it’s not only crappy music, it’s loud crappy music. And it makes it hard for customers to make themselves heard.

Sonic Chick: Welcome to Sonic, how can I help you?

Me: I’d like a chicken strip wrap, an order of tater tots and a medium coke.

Sonic Chick: Chicken strips, fries and what was the drink?

Me: No. A chicken strip wrap, tater tots and a coke.

Sonic Chick: A grilled chicken wrap, large tots and Sprite?

Me:  …  …  …   Not quite. Chicken. Strip. Wrap. Small tots. Medium coke.

Sonic Chick: Diet coke?

Me: Never mind. I’m going to Hi-Boy.

So I put the car in gear and as I was backing out, I heard: Ma’am? Was that diet coke?

I drove up the street to Hi Boy. Not familiar with Hi Boy? That’s because it’s local – and amazing. I would commit a crime for their onion rings.

This is the kind of day I had. This actually happened.

Hi-Boy Chick: Hi, can I take your order?

Me: I’d like a cheeseburger, onion rings and a coke.

Hi-Boy Chick: Cheeseburger, onion rings and a coke. Anything else?

I need ice cream. Really. I need it.

Me: Yes, an Oreo cyclone.

Hi-Boy Chick: Was that fried pickles?

Me: hahahahahahahahaha. No, an Oreo cyclone.

Hi-Boy Chick: Ohhh, sorry!

It sounds like fried pickles (limited time only!), but we spell it like ice cream with crushed Oreos in it.