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I was pretty traumatized last week when Shreck, my sweet, docile, giant friend demanded Unconscious Mutterings. I’ve never seen her like that before. It was unsettling.

So this week, I’m not only doing Unconscious Mutterings, but I’m posting it early. Hey, Shreck is like 6’8″* and she really does have a cane.  And a 5′ wing span.  Before I die of the blunt force trauma that Shreck is about to visit upon my head, what is the proper symbol for feet and inches? I always get them mixed up. I’d hate to die with a big fat error on my last post. No one has the password, so it would be here for forever.

Now I’m all flustered.

You know the game. Say the first thing that pops into your head and remember: Shreck wins, because she’s bigger than you and she’s a ninja with that cane.

  1. Ceremony ::
  2. Thread ::
  3. Need ::
  4. Sarcasm ::
  5. Domain ::
  6. Take ::
  7. Cast ::
  8. Zone ::
  9. Lose control ::
  10. Gambling ::

  1. Ceremony :: wedding
  2. Thread :: loose
  3. Need :: a drink
  4. Sarcasm :: is just one of the services I provide
  5. Domain :: name
  6. Take :: that!
  7. Cast :: iron
  8. Zone :: Loading
  9. Lose control ::  on a curve. When it’s raining. And you’re going 90 mph
  10. Gambling :: online is now illegal in the United States. GOD SAVE ME from those who would save me from myself!!!

*She’s not really 6’8″ She’s lost some height due to her advanced age.