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I’ve been magical this week – less like myself and more like, well, MoC. I’ve talked a lot about how she can get people to do anything she wants them to do – and  most likely, they’ll do it with a smile, too. After watching her for 44 years my whole life, she can still amaze me.

But this isn’t about MoC. It’s about me, because it’s my blog.

I talked to David about the weekend clusterfuck and when I got to the part about just looking at Barb and not saying anything until she ran out of steam, he said, “Yeah. I’d have stared at her, too. Until her head was on fire!”

So, being the rational one, I said, “David. Seriously, we’ve talked about this. You need to control your powers in public.”

I called the agency and explained that I thought it might be best if we got someone who could be “a little more proactive.” Yes, I said proactive. I’m a goddamn diplomat. I said I was concerned because MoC is at high risk for another stroke and “what if she had had another stroke?” I left it at that and let them use their imagination. Apparently they added 2 + 2 and realized that Cap would have the additional headache of running a company she now owned.  😛

Monday I remembered that I had forgotten to pay MoC’s rent. Because I’m the rock-star daughter. So I wrote a check, dated it the first and had MoC sign it. MoC’s apartments have a little incentive program, where if you pay your rent on or before the 1st for six months, the next month is $50 off. This was MoC’s discount month, but there was a reason I dated the check for July 1.

I walked in (and they know me now) and the girl said, “Oh, I was wondering what happened. Did we send you a letter?” And that’s when I went into MoC mode.

I said, “I am so sorry. My mom gave me the check on Thursday but I worked all weekend and I completely forgot about it. She is so mad at me.”

So she assured me it wasn’t late, so it wasn’t a big deal. I casually reminded her that MoC had never been late with her rent in 20 years (“which is why she is just furious with me! She hates depending on other people!”). Then I pulled out the little card they initial to show you paid on time, in order to get the discount after the next six months.

I said, “I really screwed up, but what are the chances …?”  And she signed it for me. Because I’m that good.

I didn’t even have to stare at her until her head caught fire.