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They say life imitates art. How about life imitates this blog? A few days ago, my friend Stuck left this comment.

This might be a terrible thing for me to say, but I’m going to say it it…

Some of the best relationships I’ve had were with women who were either already in a relationship or married. They hardly ever spend the whole night with you. They give you plenty of space. And the times when you are together are like a whirlwind adventure.

I smiled when I read it and didn’t think about it again.

Remember the woman who didn’t answer my email? She finally answered and it was … interesting. She told me that she is married and plans to stay married. She also said that she needs women in her life, that she can’t get the kind of intimacy and tenderness with a man that she can get with a woman. Her husband (who is European) is well aware of her desires and knows she is seeking to fulfill that part of her life and is fine with it.

I know there are people in the world who are truly bisexual. I know that open marriages exist and are sometimes successful. I don’t have any problem with anything consenting adults do. My response, however, surprised me.

And my response is that I am seriously considering it.

I know.

I’m not interested in trying to build a new relationship right now. My heart is not open yet. But … I miss sensuality in my life. I miss intimacy. I miss flirting with someone when you know where it will end up. I miss women. I miss sex, damn it.

My mind keeps circling it and all I can come up with is … where’s the harm?  Everyone knows the score. We all know our places. For different reasons, there are no romantic, long-term relationship expectations.

So my question to you is, what is wrong with being a side dish for a while?