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Because Sunday was Father’s Day (and a holiday for the home health company), MoC decided she wouldn’t have her weekend home health aid come in on Sunday. Which made me really nervous. So I suggested we go out to breakfast (thus saving MoC the pain of having to eat something I cooked) and then make a Walmart run – because I had another list from Joy.

We went to our favorite restaurant – and there were people sitting outside waiting to get in. And there was not a parking space to be found. So we ditched that place and ended up at Bob Evans. Yum. (Insert sarcasm here). I’ll spare you tales of the poor service and just tell you that when the waitress scratched her ear and shook her head while sort of leaning forward over the table, I nearly wept. But at least the coffee was good.

After that adventure, it was time for … Wally World. Since the stroke, MoC’s had a little trouble navigating in those motorized carts. She tends to steer toward wherever she’s looking. Something was bound to happen eventually. I got in front of MoC, which was my mistake. When I’m behind her, I can hold onto the back of her chair and kind of wrench her out of harm’s way or put enough resistance to make it hard for her to go forward. But I walked in front of her a few paces and then I heard something behind me and the couple walking toward me looked surprised and then started laughing.

I turned around to find MoC surrounded by piles of toilet paper and paper towels. She’d hit the display in the middle of the aisle. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open for a second. Then MoC put her usual spin on it.

MoC (to the couple): Just turn around and walk the other way and pretend like you never saw it. You can pretend you aren’t with me, but she can’t (pointing at me).

So we re-stacked the display and MoC motored on, saying: Tell me. Could you have this much fun anywhere else, with anyone else?

No, MoC. No, I couldn’t.

Then she got trapped in another aisle because a stocker had a huge pallet blocking one end of it. MoC started to back down the aisle (which would have been about 50 feet, but then she decided to do a three-point turn instead. Oh, crap.

Stocker: Oh, I’m sorry. Let me move this out of the way for you. I didn’t realize you were trying to get out.

MoC: Ohhhh, nooo. I’m going to turn this cart around and you are going to watch me do it!

And when she got it turned around she sang, “Have a nice day!”  And the clerk smiled and MoC laughed and all was well.

Joy made mini oatmeal raisin cookies last week and stashed them on top of the fridge, where MoC can’t get them. But I can.  😆

Tonight, she wanted a couple of cookies with dinner. I gave her one. I held the other one out and said, “Can you do a trick?”

MoC: You want me to balance it on the end of my nose and then fling it up and catch it in my mouth?

Me: YES!!!

She tried, but couldn’t quite get it to work.

I should have had my camera.

That was my weekend. How was yours?