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Remember that woman I was emailing on Match.you’re.gonna.die.alone.com? I give up. It’s like pulling teeth. I sent an email that had about 10 things in it for her to respond to, things I had taken directly from her profile (so it wasn’t totally random), and asked several questions. My response was three sentences, one of which was, “My name is ____.”  She either has the attention span of a gnat or she can’t put together a readable email. Either way, I’m out.

I know that writing isn’t everyone’s “thing” and that some people find it really hard to express themselves with the written word. That’s why I asked questions! I could handle a boring email if I saw just a tiny bit of effort. Because honestly? If you are so shy (or lazy) that you can’t even squeeze out the answers to direct questions, then I can’t be bothered. I cannot live without communication. It’s that simple.

But you didn’t come here to read my rants about taciturn women and so I’ve got some words for you. Unconscious Mutterings never fails me.

  1. Adventure ::
  2. Truth ::
  3. Expose ::
  4. Applause ::
  5. Hostility ::
  6. Sauce ::
  7. Constipation ::
  8. Explore ::
  9. Senator ::
  10. Children ::

  1. Adventure :: explore
  2. Truth :: in advertising (ha!)
  3. Expose :: film
  4. Applause :: standing ovation
  5. Hostility :: veiled
  6. Sauce :: apple
  7. Constipation :: I don’t want to know
  8. Explore :: adventure (see what I did there?)
  9. Senator :: congress
  10. Children :: of the Corn