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It’s been a long, frustrating week filled with stuff I can’t really get into. (David I’m looking at you). However, it’s also been a week filled with some interesting and/or entertaining conversations.

MoC went to dinner with a couple of her friends the other night. She hasn’t been out with them since September, so I was really excited for her. I went over to help her get ready. I’ve gotten really good at putting makeup on other people – haven’t done that since junior high.

If you know me, you know I have an affinity for profanity. If you’ve been reading this blog long, you know that’s true, but I tone it down here. As an example, I named this blog “the friggin’ cat house” instead of “the fucking cat house,” which was my first choice. You’re welcome. Anyway … I was trying to help MoC get into the bathroom so I could do her makeup, but the walker kept crashing into the door. Finally I said, “Motherfucker!”

And MoC calmly replied, “The motherfucker goes sideways.”

She also wanted to give me money for my graduation, which I seriously did not want to take.

Me: I can’t take your money. I don’t want to and I’m not going to write the check.

MoC: Fine. I’ll write it myself.

Then she got a pitiful look on her face (no one does pitiful like MoC) and said: But I want you to know my hand hurts.

That’s cheating, MoC, and you damn well know it!

I entered a radio contest that is giving away a trip a day for this week. Today’s trip was U2 and Florence and the Machine in Nashville. I really, really wanted that trip!  The rules were to text the station and then you received a number. When they called that number, you called back and got the prize. My number is 3041. Today they called 4013, 3064 and other numbers that were either super close to mine or transposed versions of mine.  ARGH! Oh well, there is a trip to give away tomorrow to see Cold Play – which I don’t care about – but maybe it will be in a cool place that I’ve never been.

Speaking of radio, another station runs this ad which makes me laugh every time I hear it:

98.9 The Rock sounds better in the backseat. Don’t believe us? Ask your sister.

I found someone on match.I’m.a.catch.why.can’t.I.get.a.date.com.  We just started writing, so I don’t know what I think about it (or her) yet. At the moment, it’s just a nice diversion from everything else in my life. It probably won’t pan out, but it never hurts to practice 🙂

I had a meeting with my boss this afternoon and I got a lot of encouragement. I was thinking I wasn’t doing very well (and for my standards, I’m not), but she assured me she had no problems with my work. I was beginning to stress out about it – a lot.  There’s a reason I wanted to go into IT – it was mainly to get out of insurance. I love the company I’m with, but I hate the job itself. It is soul-killing.

Which is why I’ve been writing more lately. Not the blog … that has been sadly neglected. I’ve been working on a project I’ve been kicking around for years. I don’t know if it’s any good or not but I am really enjoying the creative outlet.

And that’s that. That’s all you get, because that’s all I’ve got.

See ya next time, kids.