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MoC’s phone rang the other day. She used to ignore it (I come by that honestly. I hadn’t answered my phone in 6 years before I finally got rid of it last month) but she can’t do that anymore. So she picked it up, listened for a minute, muttered something under her breath and hung up.

Me:  … ?

MoC: That was Emmanuel Cleaver (congressman). He wants me to participate in a telephone conference.

Me: That might have been kind of cool.

MoC: Oh, did you want to talk to him? Sorry I hung up …

Me: Maybe he’ll call me.

MoC: No, you’re the enemy.

And I am.

I’ve spent a lot of time on this blog talking about desk partners – namely Cartman. Hit the Conversating with Cartman category. She was entertaining at times because she was a complete ditz, but mostly I spent my time trying not to throttle her. As desk partners go, Cartman was the worst. But I have a true gem at this new company. Betty rocks. She came out of retirement to work on this project. She’s quiet (thank you, God), smart, logical and a dream to work with. She is very low-key, so I’ve made it my mission in life to try to make her belly-laugh.

I’ve been on mandatory overtime since November, which makes my bank account happy, but the problem is that I can’t work during the week so I have to do it all on Saturdays. Two Saturdays a month are mandatory, which doesn’t matter to me because I am there anyway.

As Betty was leaving Friday she said, “See you tomorrow.”

Me: Maybe.

Betty: You aren’t working tomorrow?

Me: Yes. I just haven’t decided if I’m going to wear my invisibility cloak.

That made her giggle … not quite a belly laugh, but I’m getting there.

Betty was already there when I got there Saturday.

Me: Morning

Betty: Oh, hi. I thought you were already here. I said hello but you didn’t answer so I thought were concentrating.


I hope she never retires again.