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Youtube has cut my video story short – the bastards. They’ve made it extremely difficult to share videos now, although it still can be done. But I don’t want to work that hard and no one seemed to know what I was doing with it anyway. So I switched to lolcats but then I realized that no one reads this blog anymore. I’m not entirely sure I care – no offense to the two readers I have left.

MoC is doing pretty well. The other day I was trying to tell her something and I couldn’t think of the word I wanted, so I started doing that wind-up motion with my hand – like that helps. MoC graciously supplied the word and then said, “It’s okay. You’re three days older now.”ย  Gee, thanks.

MoC’s deadpan has gotten even deadpannier lately. I seriously cannot tell when she’s bluffing me. Thank God we never play cards anymore or I’d be broke. Yesterday we got into a MoCk (see what I did there?) fight about something she said. She convinced me she didn’t say what I heard. Today we were talking about it again and she admitted she yanked my chain … but she did it in such a way that I couldn’t tell if she was yanking my chain yesterday or if she was yanking my chain today. Maybe it’s time to put away the chain.

I don’t have IM or Internet at work, so Betty and I resort to email when we want to talk without being overheard. On Saturdays, I get breakfast at McDonald’s. This is important to the story, I’m sure.

Me: Oh my God, you’re making me choke on my cold hashbrowns.

Betty: Don’t do that.

Me: If I choke, don’t let S. resuscitate me. I’d rather die.

Betty: S. would enjoy it

Me: Exactly! So just let me die, and remember the good times we had

Betty: Please don’t die. I couldn’t survive without you.

Awww. At least Betty loves me.

Now you’re caught up on what’s been happening the last week. Of course, that’s not all that happened, or even the important stuff, but you weren’t paying attention, were you?