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MMB has been here a month and has been rocking the coordination of MoC’s life. She’s really put things together for MoC, but she’s leaving next week and David and I will be on our own – so to speak. I mean, she has therapists and aids coming in and out at all hours but I hadn’t been with her when we were on our own.

Last Saturday I decided it was time to give MMB a break and I took MoC out for the afternoon. MMB patiently went over everything: how to help MoC as she navigates with the walker, how to refill her portable oxygen tanks, how to hook up the portable tanks and how to turn them on, how to help MoC off the curb with the walker and how to help her get into and out of the car.

Of course we went to Walmart. Where did you think we were gonna go? I got MoC in the car, belted her in, and off we went. I ran in the store, grabbed a motorized cart, took it outside to the curb, helped MoC out of the car and into the cart and we were good to go.  We cruised around Walmart for a while – until her chair ran out of juice. So just as I pulled up in a new chair, MoC was playing with the controls and got it going again. So I drove the other cart back to the front of the store …  And I’ll just say here that it’s a little embarrassing to be driving around in a motorized cart when you obviously don’t need one. I felt like people were staring at me – and judging me.

I supervised while MoC got back in the car and loaded our treasure into the trunk. When I got back in the car, MoC told me my phone rang. So I got it out of my purse just as it rang again. It was MMB. “Um, I was just thinking, I showed you how to turn on the oxygen tank, but … did you do it?”

Oh. Shit.

I nonchalantly reached over like I was checking the setting and turned it on. MoC looked at me and said, “It wasn’t on, was it?” She doesn’t miss a trick.

We went to lunch and had tortilla soup that she is still raving about. It wasn’t quite like the adventures we used to have, but it was a pretty great day. She’s not supposed to escape, because she’s supposed to be home-bound or else she can’t get the help she needs. Still, it was fun to break the rules and get outside.

Next time, I’ll try not to asphyxiate her.


Edit: I shouldn’t write things in the middle of the night. Or past 10 pm. This was funnier in my head but I’m tired and can’t quite get the nuances.