I rejoined Compatible Partners, the gay E-Harmony dating site. There are lots of reasons behind that, the main one being that it’s time. Way past time probably. I rewrote my profile slightly, but basically it is the same. There’s only so much you can do with something like that, although I suppose I could direct potential dates to this site and drive them away even faster.

I hung out with MoC for a while today (and there’s another MoC post coming soon, but I haven’t had time to write it. I shouldn’t be writing this post, I should be working on a paper that is due at midnight). While I was there I did some self-portraits. Also, if Leslie wasn’t such an asshole and wanted to play outside in the 70 degree weather, she could have taken some shots that might have been a little more natural. Jesus, with friends like that …

I narrowed it down to a couple pictures – and that’s where you come in. I want one profile and one smiley … but which ones?