Leslie has been saving my ass for what seems like centuries. Yesterday she came over to MoC’s place and single-handedly put it back together while David hung pictures and I broke MoC’s computer. Yes. I broke it. I broke it so that I will probably have to pay someone to fix it for me. I could figure it out if I had time, but time has me in a headlock right now.

Update: I fixed it. Because I’m a genius.

After Leslie saved the day, she took me out, fed me and forced me to drink my weight in Absolut vodka. Then she drove me home and I slept for 9 hours, which is almost as much sleep as I’ve had in the last three days.

I feel better. Remember when I said there was a reason for everything I did, no matter how crazy it seemed at the time? Well, there was a reason for that last post. I don’t deal well with loose ends. I need things to be tied up neatly. Even though “Bridget” has known for 8 months that there was no going back, I didn’t know it. That post finished it for me and was the piece I needed to complete the puzzle and put it on the shelf.

Things have changed so much in the last year that I hardly recognize my own life anymore. Things will change even more very soon. I’m going to need a clear head – and an open heart.