Interlude …

I switch between 5 radio stations: Rock, Classic Rock, Oldies, Top 40, and a local version of Jack FM.

This is what I heard on my way home today:

  1. I, Alone   (Live)     Rock
  2. (You’ve Lost) That Lovin’ Feelin’  (Hall & Oates)    Oldies
  3. Crazy on You (Heart)     Classic Rock
  4. (Don’t You) Forget About Me (Simple Minds)    Jack FM
  5. Fucking Perfect (Pink, radio edit)     Top 40
  6. You are the Woman (Firefall)     Oldies
  7. Fake It  (Seether)    Rock
  8. Miss You (Rolling Stones)  Classic Rock

At that point I flipped the radio off. In both senses of the word.

And now back to your regularly scheduled silence.