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I have a foot of snow on my deck by my front door and drifts that are probably two feet deep, but I’m too lazy to get out the tape measure. The drifts on the side of the house are up to my hips. That just happens to be the only path to the front of the house where my mailbox is. Unless I park on the street and wade through the snow there. It’s probably not as deep. Maybe my downstairs neighbor shoveled the steps to her door. Oh well. I only get bills anyway.

I spent my day shoveling in shifts yesterday. Fun, fun. When I finally quit, it was still snowing. I went out this morning to tackle it again – and found a guy with a bobcat talking to my neighbor (the one who broke my car door handle). I started shoveling – and the bobcat backed up … and scooped out my driveway. Yay for guilt-ridden neighbors with friends who have heavy equipment. The guy also cleared out the entire alley because the city never gets to it. Free at last! My neighbor told me his friend’s price for freedom is a six-pack of Corona. I can handle that.

So I unburied my car, shoveled the steps (for the 5th time), cleared an area around my front door (for the 5th time) and came back inside. Then I played chess for a while. I love chess. I’m not very good and I’m only playing on Level 2 (of 10), but I wanted to show you this before I write a paper that will save my grade in my Unix class.

Click to embiggen. Four checkmates, three of them in a row.  I’ve only won 15 games out of 116, which is a pretty sucky win percentage. However, I’ve also managed to fight to a draw in 12 games, which if you’re being generous, can count as a win – or at least not a loss. So, a  “not losing” stat of 23% isn’t all that great – but it ain’t all that bad, either. Okay, yes it is. But so what?

All this chess-playing means I’m thinking about something. I always play games when I need to think. I’m not sure what exactly it is that I’m considering – really, I’m not – but when it makes itself clear, I’ll probably spill it here.