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Seven posts in two days? I’m unstoppable.

I went to visit MoC today but we didn’t have much of a chance to talk before one of her friends showed up. I kind of melted into the background and let them talk.  But I had something I needed to discuss with MoC, that I wasn’t sure how to approach, so I got fidgety. Also, I’m not overly fond of her friend.

So I picked up the clay MoC is supposed to use to work with her right hand.  When I picked up the clay, I said, “Mom isn’t allowed to play with this anymore because the last time she made a penis.” Which was totally unnecessary but I knew MoC’s friend wouldn’t appreciate it. What can I say? I’m immature.

I didn’t make a penis. I’m more mature than that, at least.

I flattened out the clay and made an impression with my watch. Which was kind of cool looking. But then I decided to play with the television remote.

That’s when this happened.

No Title

My mother just looked at me. She didn’t have to say a word.


It took me almost an hour to clean it off.

I swear, if I had just one functioning brain cell, I would totally rule the world.