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You thought the 30 Days of Truth meme was dead, didn’t you? I had no intention of finishing it (and still don’t), but one of the questions has to do with something I’ve been thinking about lately*.

What do you think of religion? Or what do you think of politics?

I think we should start over politically. Everyone gets kicked out of office today and will not be eligible to serve again. Then we move to a lottery system. Every person over 30 with an IQ over 115 gets their name tossed into a hat. Then we draw names for senators and congressional representatives. Everyone serves one year – at the salary they are paid now. It’s mandatory. There is no “get out of government service free” card. We can actually FIX things because there won’t be an agenda, because there won’t be lobbyists that an elected official has to cater to. They’re only serving a year – not enough time to develop bad habits.  No more corruption, no more political posturing. Problem solved.

You’re welcome.

*This isn’t the question I was thinking about. That’s another post, coming soon to a feed-reader near you.