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I was talking to my brother the other night about the car door fiasco from last week. I told him if that had happened 10 years ago, I not only would have been furious but it would have ruined my whole day. I was annoyed, but it wasn’t worth getting angry over. Instead, I went into solve mode and figured it out. His response was, “Well, you’re mellowing out. It’s because you’re getting old.” My response to that is unprintable.

But I digress.

My mother has always been mellow – that hasn’t changed much. What has changed is her willingness to be silly. Twenty years ago, she never would have allowed these pictures to be taken, much less posted on the Internet for anyone to see.

These are some of my favorite pictures of MoC. The first set is from late this summer. I pointed my camera at her and she sighed. Then she started making faces.


singin in the rainIMG_2318