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I’m trying to decide between laundry, cleaning the kitchen because I can’t find the table, visiting MoC, Unix homework, scrubbing the litterbox or Unconscious Mutterings. Guess which I chose. No, go ahead, guess.

You picked Unconscious Mutterings, didn’t you? Sorry, kids. A load of laundry is on the spin cycle, the litterbox is sparkling and I can see part of my kitchen table. At least for this morning, Unix just don’t do it for me (see what I did there?)

But don’t be sad. We can still play. LunaNina gives us the word prompts and you come up with the first thing that jumps into your head. My answers are after the jump.

  1. Bootie ::
  2. User ::
  3. Child ::
  4. Scribe ::
  5. Manager ::
  6. Upsetting ::
  7. Puddles ::
  8. Hopeful ::
  9. Procrastination ::
  10. Statistics ::

  1. Bootie :: call
  2. User :: friendly
  3. Child :: labor
  4. Scribe :: just a wanna-be
  5. Manager :: clueless
  6. Upsetting :: the applecart
  7. Puddles :: rain!
  8. Hopeful :: “always hopeful yet discontent, he knows changes aren’t permanent. But change is …”
  9. Procrastination :: maybe later
  10. Statistics :: will be the death of me

I’ve just discovered what a monumental pain in the ass it is to leave two posts on the front page. WordPress has a handy “sticky note” feature, but it really only lets you stick one post at a time. Which means if you want two posts together on the front page, you have to edit anything you write after that to a date and time before the posts on the front page. Which probably means I won’t post anything else for a while, because that is way too much like work.