… and let me eat cake!

Update:ย  I decided to start my car to get the last of the snow off of it (I shoveled the deck, the steps, the sidewalk and the driveway both last night and again this morning. Thank you, Mother Nature). Remember all the trouble I had with the door locks last year when it got cold? Yeah. It’s cold again.

I tried the driver’s side door, knowing full well that if I got it open it might not latch again. But I thought if I let the car warm up enough, it would eventually be warm enough to latch again. Only I couldn’t unlock it. So I tried the passenger side door. I even used de-icer, but I couldn’t open it. I went back to the driver’s side door.

I used the de-icer in the lock. And the key got stuck. My neighbor happened to be outside shoveling his driveway so I asked him to help me. He finally got the key out (after I went back upstairs to get hot water to pour on the lock). Then he tried one last time to pull the door open – and broke the door handle off in his hand.

I have no words.

I called my brother. He’s on his way here now to take me to get my mother’s car. I will have to unbury it from 8 inches of snow, but at least the damn doors open.

Happy birthday to me.

I deserve cake.