A few days ago, MoC mentioned that she was going to Wal-Mart today. The nursing home takes a group of people every other Saturday and I was really excited for her. I mean, it’s Wal-Mart, but she has been in the hospital since the end of September. And you remember all of our Wal-Mart excursions, where I made fart noises with my hand, MoC made make-out lists and I nearly made a scene when the greeter wanted to search MoC’s bags. Wal-Mart is the stage for a lot of our shenanigans.

I went to work this morning and forgot my cell phone. Which isn’t important except that I can never remember MoC’s cell phone number and I have never made an effort to memorize her hospital room number because, well, it’s in my cell phone and I always have my cell phone. But back to today. I suddenly remembered that today is Saturday and the Wal-Mart trip but MoC didn’t have any money. Oh noes! I didn’t know what time the van was leaving so I wanted to call MoC to see if I had time to run home, get her card, hit the ATM and bring her cash. So I called my brother to get the number but then she didn’t answer the phone. Argh!

So I called the nurses station. The nurses and aids all love my mom. She’s very lovable. Kind of like me.  😀 Anyway, I got the nurse and asked her what time the van left and explained that I am a terrible daughter who won’t give her mother any money. She said, “Oh, I’d give her some money if she needed it.”  How sweet is that? Then she told me the trip had been canceled and she put me on hold to find out when it was rescheduled. When she came back on the line she told me MoC wasn’t eligible to go, since she is in the skilled nursing unit. Oh.

When I went to visit MoC after work, I told her what happened and she just burst out laughing. She said she told me that just to tease me and she knew she couldn’t go. She was pretty amused that I fell for it.

I always fall for it. She’s the only person I know who can consistently get the best of me.

And now I have to finish a paper and create a Powerpoint presentation on the joys of an IT Security Policy, don’t be a hater.