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Fair warning: I’m probably going to unload here.

I’m tired and I’m beginning to get a little cranky. And for the smartass who is about to write in the comments, “That’s different from yesterday, how exactly?”  Don’t. Even. Go. There.

Here’s what I have to do in the next 3 weeks:

  • write two major papers, one due in 4 hours, the other due next week
  • complete the biggest team project I’ve ever had, due in 2 weeks. We haven’t started.
  • Work approximately 35 hours of overtime in the next 3 weeks
  • continue to take care of my mother’s household
  • find time to unload the dishwasher because the sink is full
  • find time to wash clothes because I’m out of underwear (you’re welcome)
  • buy Christmas gifts
  • wrap gifts (hahahahahahahahahahahaha)
  • sleep. Yeah, that would be awesome
  • visit my mother
  • get the oil changed on my car before it explodes
  • pack my mother’s apartment in between the overtime and the school projects
  • move my mother to another apartment in between the overtime and the school projects
  • unpack my mother’s shit and put it in approximately the same places I found it in between the overtime and the school projects
  • oh shit, I forgot to pay her insurance
  • buy food because I’m out
  • buy the cats some food because they keep pacing and staring at me and it’s making me nervous

I’m drowning. I’m unorganized. I’m stressed out.

I have had a weird feeling for the last month. Like something is happening that I don’t know about or something is about to happen. It’s not dread, exactly, but I am not normally a super intuitive person and my spidey sense is tingling like mad.

And since I’m already talking crazy, I feel my dad around me, all the time. I’ve never really felt that before. Just a sense … something I can’t put my finger on. The Little River Band on the radio, a scent, a feeling that I’m missing something, a sense that I’m surrounded by … something. I don’t know. It makes me worry about my mother – even though she’s doing extremely well right now. I wasn’t on bad terms with my father, but we weren’t close. I just feel that whatever is happening is something that he would know how to handle.

This was a strange post. Sorry about that.