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Here is a bulleted list of my Thanksgiving weekend activities:

  • Hung out with MoC
  • Went bowling with my brother
  • Strained my right hand (bowling)
  • Fell on my right knee – twice (bowling)
  • Strained my left hamstring (bowling)
  • Strained my right shoulder (bowling)
  • Spent 14 hours vomiting and other un-fun ways to lose fluids
  • Got so dehydrated that I got leg cramps
  • Created two loads of laundry in that 14 hours
  • Jammed my left forefinger (unable to approximate how this happened)
  • Heard a crackling sound, like crumpling a potato chip bag, and collapsed in pain from my left hamstring (not sure what the fuck happened, but I was trying to get into bed)
  • Projectile vomited and while 98% hit the trash can, 2% landed on Fiona’s tail (that’ll teach her to move faster)
  • Ate 4 crackers
  • Consumed 1/8 of a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup (thanks, David)
  • Consumed a liter of Pedia-Lite to replenish fluids and relieve leg cramps (thanks, David)
  • Lost slightly over 10lbs. While that is great news, there HAS to be a better way to accomplish this
  • Lost 3 days worth of pay because I was too exhausted and weak to go to work yesterday, thus breaking the cardinal rule of being present the day before (Wednesday) and the day after (Monday) a holiday.
  • Ate 5 more crackers today
  • Ate 3/4 of a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup
  • Didn’t write a big paper that was due yesterday – still haven’t started

How was your weekend?