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Day 12. Something you never get compliments on.

I’m beginning to wish I’d never started this stupid meme. There were a few questions I wanted to answer, but this wasn’t one of them.

Sometimes I think that I’ve developed my hard, crusty, Capricorn Cringe-y persona to the point that people can’t see past it to the sweet, sensitive, compassionate person hiding behind it. Most people reading this little blog know me fairly well and see past the cantankerous act. But I’m not talking about you.

What most people never see is my compassion and empathy. I’m a really good listener. I’m not (very)  judgmental and I am fair to a fault. My first and most natural instinct is to look at both sides of a situation. That has caused some friends who shall (Griggs) remain (Griggs) nameless (Griggs) to feel that I’m not on their (Griggs) side. I’m always and completely on your side, no matter what. It’s just that seeing both sides allows me to gain perspective and it helps me not overreact to things. And if it helps me, it will probably help you. And my second instinct is to help you.

I am kind. I am generous with both my time and my money. I’m a really good friend, because I will fight for you relentlessly and I may take a bullet for you. Kind of depends on why someone’s shooting at you, though.

It bothers me sometimes that not everyone sees that about me. And it’s my fault because I’ve worked so hard at keeping people at arm’s length.

People treat us the way we train them to treat us.

Maybe re-training my acquaintances will be a New Year’s resolution.

Or not.