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Twas the night before Thanksgiving
and all through the house,
two creatures were stirring,
they were chasing a mouse …

I’m not in the mood for the holidays. Not this one and not Christmas. I’d kind of like to go to sleep and wake up in March (thus skipping my birthday and Valentine’s Day).  I’ve never really been into Thanksgiving, but this year is strange. My grandfather is gone and my mom is in the hospital and it will just be me and mom’s favorite David.

There were several years that I spent the holidays (all of them, including Christmas) alone because I refused to be around my brother. At the time, principle seemed more important than family. And now … it’s not. That’s a good thing, I guess, but right now … it doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving.

MoC tried to convince us to go out for dinner, but we didn’t feel like it. Our excuse was that it was too late to make reservations anywhere – which was true.  Since she still can’t eat (although she is getting better), she didn’t want to sit around and watch us stuff our faces and we didn’t want to go without her. But MoC was kind of insistent that we do something …

So we’re going bowling. We’re going to drink beer and eat hot dogs and throw a 10 lb ball at a bunch of pins. Maybe it will be fun. I’m sure I’ll feel differently about it tomorrow. Because I’m 43 going on 7, I’m also going to make my mom some rainbow-colored hand turkeys. What? The store didn’t have fall colors.