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When I was in junior high, we used to play a game we called The Dictionary Game. I think Hasbro ripped off the idea and now it’s a real game called Balderdash. But we made it up. Honest. Anyway, the idea was to find a word that no one knew. The person who found the word would write the correct definition and everyone else would write what they thought it meant, or what they thought would fool other people. Points were given for fooling people with your answer and to the person with the actual word if no one guessed the correct definition. My brother David was very good at this game.

He’s also very good at Unconscious Mutterings. He was there today when I arrived, so we all played the first round (see the previous post). Then David took my notebook and started writing feverishly. This is the list he came up with and MoC’s answers:

Candle :: stick
Owl :: hoot
Fire :: fly
Noise :: boom
Duck :: quack
Wall :: covered
Sports :: fan
Door :: frame
Book :: cover
Chair :: back

Then it was my turn. I came up with a list and MoC and David answered. His answers are second.

Wood :: burning
Car:: Maserati
Glass :: vase
Television :: Milton Berle (Mr Television)
Shoe :: 3 button
Black :: socks
Run :: for your life
Soft :: snow
Music :: soothing
Uniform :: stripes

I’m so happy that MoC is on her way back. She got the bandage off her hand and promised she wouldn’t punch anymore nurses (or the wall or whatever she hit that broke her hand), so they are able to start working with her hand now. She’s doing very well and I could only be happier if this hadn’t happened to her at all. Ya know?