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MoC has been tearing it up lately, which is happy news indeed.

The other day I found a postcard with a picture of a bar of soap on her nightstand. Because I never learn, I said, “What’s this?” She told me the therapist showed her three cards and MoC had to identify what was in the pictures. Then she said, “Do you know how I knew what it was?” so, because I never learn, I said, “No. How?”  And MoC zinged me with, “Because I’ve seen soap before!”

Yesterday she asked me if I wanted to sit in the common area and talk. When the nurse came to help her up, MoC said to her, “Now they can’t accuse me of being non-participatory. I’ll be participatorying all over the place.”  Heh.

Friday morning I texted Leslie and asked her if she wanted to go get drunk have dinner sometime soon. She texted back, “How’s tomorrow?” and I said okay. It poured rain all day (and half the night) on Friday. Leslie called me and said she couldn’t make Saturday, but she could go that night. So we met for dinner and drank some beer and vodka and then we drove to WalMart to pick up a present for her daughter.

I parked in the North 40, because it’s WalMart and it’s always packed, and I looked at Leslie and said, ‘This is the first time I’ve been to WalMart since my mom … ” and I trailed off sadly. And Leslie said, “It’ll be okay, she’s going to be fine … ” and then I said, “Really? Because I was talking about her handicapped parking tag. I don’t want to drown.”  I think she called me a name then, but I’m not sure.

I told you all of that so I could tell you this: Leslie left her umbrella in my car. So I texted her.

Me: I’m holding your umbrella hostage. No ransom. I’m just going to kill it.

Leslie: To think I was going to offer a getaway plane to Europe.

Me: Wait!! Let me rethink this …

Leslie:  Nope, deals off. I’m taking my new Totes. I heard it rains a lot over there.

Me: Well, hell. I’m not going to kill it quickly then. I’ll make it suffer!

She didn’t respond to that.

She’s so heartless.