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I forgot to take the words to MoC for Unconscious Mutterings this week, but we played a new game instead.

She sometimes has trouble with finding the right word, or the right name for someone.  As a way to help her, we started playing password, where she gives me a clue and I guess the word/name.

Today she told me she had a visitor, but she couldn’t get the name. I asked her if it was her friend Nancy and she said no. She said, “Married to Chris.” So I said, “Mary!”  … ding ding ding! Then she told me someone else came by yesterday, but she couldn’t get that name, either. I asked her for a clue and she said, “Darlus” so I said, “Ken!”  A few days ago she was telling me a story about one of her friends.  She said “My friend … ” but she couldn’t reach for the name. Then she said “Halloween birthday” and I guessed “Suzie!”  I think it will all come back to her as she gets better, because she can make connections to other things that describe the person. It’s got to be frustrating for her, though.

She still makes me laugh. She’s annoyed that she can’t eat. The feeding tube is spectacularly unsatisfying. The other day a couple nurses were standing outside her room and one of them pointed to her door and said something. So I told MoC they were talking about her, because I’m sweet like that. She said, “Yeah. That’s the woman at the end of the hall that we’re starving to death.”  Heh.

I think I’m going to get her a crossword puzzle book. Her right hand is out of commission because she broke it punching a nurse by smacking the nightstand accidentally, but I can feed her the questions. It will be a good way to get her brain working again and I think it will help overall with making more connections.

That’s about all I’ve got.

Happy Sunday.