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The following was lifted off Facebook, because both Leslie and I hate talking on the phone.
Leslie: Lol, you’ve had that crap for a long time! Glad I didn’t kiss you!

Me: I’m not contagious now or I’d drive out there and hug you 🙂 maybe you’re better off

Leslie: Mwahahahaha.

Me: Like I said, we may be older now but you can still kick my ass
wait …
I mean, you can still KISS my ass 😀

Leslie: All big and bad via the airwaves…just wait..
You can run, but I’ll eventually catch you.

Me:  I can’t run at all anymore. I’ll just have to take the beating
luckily your heart is weak and it won’t last long
er .. the beating won’t last long, I mean

Ah, friends. We can’t really do without them, can we?

PS. I actually meant the physical beating wouldn’t last long, not the beating of Leslie’s poor, rotten heart. Sheeesh!