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Oh, hai!

I didn’t die, aren’t you happy? Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about that yet. I can breathe, sort of, but the lung-exploding cough is still hanging on … but it’s giving me a break. It doesn’t come out to play until I go to bed, so I can’t sleep. When I identify Patient X, I’m going to kick his/her ass. As soon as I get my strength back.

I’m toying with doing a 30/30 series of posts … 30 truths in 30 days. I seem to have lost my mojo around here, so it might be helpful. Or it might drive away my last 3 readers.

In the meantime, I have another blog-killing meme for you. Yes, Unconscious Mutterings! MoC hasn’t been able to play lately, but I’m going to try again when I see her today. She has problems concentrating, but I also think it’s a matter of catching her at the right time of day, so that tells me it’s really just a matter of time before she’s blinding us with her brilliance again 🙂

You know the rules. Hold hands. Look both ways. Play nice.

  1. Adhesive ::
  2. Bill ::
  3. Swing ::
  4. Counter ::
  5. Fluid ::
  6. Investigate ::
  7. Chit chat ::
  8. Humane ::
  9. Boss ::
  10. Furniture ::

  1. Adhesive :: date tape 😆
  2. Bill :: me later
  3. Swing :: dancing
  4. Counter :: feit
  5. Fluid :: motion
  6. Investigate :: crime
  7. Chit chat :: shoot the breeze
  8. Humane :: Society
  9. Boss :: hole
  10. Furniture :: Ikea