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Jo AnnE, as you may recall, is MoC’s cousin. I used to say she was my cousin because technically that’s true and less confusing, but after our recent conversation*, MoC can have her.

Jo AnnE:  Maybe we can come up one day next weekend to see MoC. Hang on, I have to flush the toilet.

Me: What?????

Jo AnnE: I said maybe Sunday, we can


Jo AnnE:  Well, I

Me: Why are you talking to me when you’re taking a DUMP?

Jo AnnE: I didn’t say I took I dump, I just

Me: Jesus Christ! If you have to go that bad, I’m happy to wait. You can call me back. Or here’s an idea, you could not call me when you’re on the toilet!

Jo AnnE: At least I was honest about it.  And in my family, we were raised to always flush the toilet.

Me: Really? Because in my family, we were raised not to poop while we were talking on the PHONE.

Jo AnnE: No one is talking about poop! I never said I pooped!

Me: You didn’t have to! And this is SO going on the blog.

Jo AnnE: Oh my God, I never should have said anything.

Me: No. You never should have called me while you were … doing WHATEVER you were doing!!

It’s not her fault. She’s from the hillbilly side of the family.

I doubt she’s learned her lesson …

*This conversation may or may not have happened and it may or may not be a way to make Jo AnnE laugh. Names have not been changed because the parties involved may or may not be innocent.