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I’m in a cherry-flavored-Nyquil-that-I-bought-because-I-mistook-it-for-Vicks-Formula-44 haze and so I found the following headline and story vaguely amusing.

At least they apologized

I have so much to do … housecleaning and laundry and half a paper to write (hush, Wende) and I have to find more clothes for my naked mother. That’s good news, though, because they are getting her up and dressed and working with her every day. I hate to be melodramatic (well, not really, but in this case, yes) but I was very worried about her. I worried that she’d have another stroke, or a heart attack, and then once she was stable I worried that she wouldn’t recover all they way. But I have a lot of faith in the nurses and therapists at the new place and I finally feel that she will be okay.  Anyway, the point was … I have a lot to do and I think I might be dying of this chest cold. Waaah  😥

I got ripped off for more money for dontyoutwohavelotsofchemistry.com because I forgot to cancel in time. I’ve never had success with that site at all, so I’m annoyed that I just gave them more money and can’t fight it. There’s never been a time in my life that I felt more ready for a committed relationship, but timing is everything. It seems to me that the best relationships build slowly – and so that’s my plan. I’m not going to get caught up in the fascination again because it never lasts and it’s never what it seems to be. I’m still putting myself out there (thanks dontyoutwohavelotsofchemistry.com) but if it isn’t something real, then I’m letting it go. And yes, I know the difference between real and fascination. “Bridget” was real. The Libra was fascination. Just because there is a connection doesn’t mean it always works out, either. I’ve decided to stop worrying about it. It will happen. I know it will happen because I’m ready for it to happen and because I am ready for it, I will let it happen.

Stephen King once said something along the lines of “if you don’t have the words to describe a feeling or a situation to someone else so that they understand it, then you have no business calling yourself a writer.”

The last two weeks have pushed me past a point I never thought I would get past. I’m alive again. Everything that has happened to me up to this point has brought me to this point and I am now able to walk forward with my head up. I can face anything life throws at me. I’m stronger than I realize and I have more faith in myself than ever before.  I am ready.

Fuck you, Stephen King.