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I’m still staring at the requirements for the paper I have to write. It was actually due two weeks ago, but the instructor let me slide, but I have to turn it in by tomorrow. I’m debating doing it at all because I would still pass the class, although with a terrifically bad grade. I can’t decide if I care or not.

MoC got moved into the new facility yesterday and I feel SO much better. I know she does, too. Getting her moved was a giant hassle – and the first facility managed to lose her clothes. Yes, you read that correctly. At first they denied she even had any clothes with her and then they decided they must have washed them and did I know what they looked like? Are you kidding me? The nurse I talked to originally demanded to know why we were moving her – and for once in my life, I just played it cool. I just said it was closer for us (not true) and that she had wanted to go there anyway (true). I knew if I said anything else, it would delay the process and MoC would suffer for it. I guess I’ve finally learned to choose my battles. I know, who’d’a thunk it?

I’m going to leave you with Unconscious Mutterings from LunaNina while I work on this paper. Then I’ll take the words out to MoC and see what she comes up with. You know the rules. Don’t break them, or I’ll find you.

  1. Freak ::
  2. Homework ::
  3. Favor ::
  4. Encounter ::
  5. Shake it ::
  6. Felony ::
  7. Loops ::
  8. Groove ::
  9. Funding ::
  10. Plot ::

  1. Freak :: super freak
  2. Homework :: never ending
  3. Favor :: pretty please
  4. Encounter :: sexual
  5. Shake it :: like a Polaroid picture
  6. Felony :: murder
  7. Loops :: Fruit (I’m hungry)
  8. Groove :: How Cap got it back
  9. Funding :: Government
  10. Plot :: twist