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You know how when you pull a rubber band and it stretches and stretches and stretches and then it snaps and either flies across the room or hits you in the face?  That’s exactly how I feel only I’m not sure if I’m going to fly across the room or hit myself in the face.

Yesterday was the snapping point and I didn’t even know I had reached it. My cousin Jo AnnE and her partner “Michael” drove up from Hell St Louis to see MoC.  Most of the time I keep a very tightly sealed lid on my emotions. It doesn’t do anyone any good if we all fall apart. Jo AnnE crushed me with a hug and didn’t let go. She was there to let me fall apart if I needed to.  Last night a group of old friends from junior high and high school dragged me out for dinner and brutally mocked entertained me for a couple hours. The thing that just shines through this entire ordeal is that I am truly blessed with my friends and my family and my family who are also friends.

It allowed me to take a deep breath and regroup – this won’t be a short skirmish.

And what I regrouped with is this week’s Unconscious Mutterings.  The words come from Luna Nina and all you have to do is say the first thing that comes to mind.  My answers are after the fold. Ready? Go.

  1. Intruder ::
  2. Repelled ::
  3. Trench coat ::
  4. Lipstick ::
  5. Humongous ::
  6. Oven mitts ::
  7. Case ::
  8. Daughter ::
  9. Attorney ::
  10. Shaken ::

  1. Intruder :: alarm
  2. Repelled :: down a mountain
  3. Trench coat :: Bogart
  4. Lipstick :: lesbian
  5. Humongous :: enormous
  6. Oven mitts :: mismatched
  7. Case :: worker
  8. Daughter :: Mom (MoC)
  9. Attorney :: General
  10. Shaken :: not stirred