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The last week has been insane – not quite literally insane, but close enough for Capricorns.

I arranged to take a break after this class is over. It will postpone my graduation, but I am completely overloaded right now and I can’t keep up. I have true flex time at work, so I can go in super early (like that’s gonna happen) and leave early, which helps, but there aren’t enough hours in the day.

The doctors are keeping a close watch on my mother. She’s stable and looks SO much better. The hardest part of this wasn’t the lack of solid information or the waiting or the guessing or even the fear. It was seeing her so vulnerable and so frail-looking.

I had to go to my mom’s tonight to get a few things. It was very strange walking in there. I also needed some info from her computer. I told her never to save her passwords online – and she listened to me. Which meant I had to figure out her login name AND her password. If she wrote them down, I couldn’t find them. So I channeled her. I’ve joked about that before, but we really do think alike in some ways. Luckily for everyone, one of the ways we think alike is how we word/phrase/code things.  The next site I went to needed a login name so I used the one I already cracked because I’m smart like that. And that site asked a security question – something personal that I didn’t know the answer to.

Oh, no.

I called my brother. He didn’t know. I called Jo AnnE because it was a long shot, but she might know … she didn’t. So I closed my eyes and channeled MoC again. I had been thinking of a word, but I really wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to guess. I typed it in anyway. The electronic door opened. Yay.

I also picked up my mom’s mail. Is it wrong to open a package that isn’t addressed to you even if you know what is inside is actually for you?

It might sound a little crazy (but I’ve sounded crazier, trust me) but when I saw the package, I felt better immediately. Somehow, it’s going to be okay. It really will be.

My mom ordered this shirt for me. I hope she wasn’t planning on giving it to me for Christmas because there is NO WAY I can wait that long to wear it.

* I don’t know why that phrase jumped into my head for the title of this post, but I’ve learned to go with my gut.  😆