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I think my blog has jumped the shark. All I’ve been doing is posting videos and doing Unconscious Mutterings. I don’t feel comfortable talking about the woman I’m emailing because I don’t have permission (she knows the blog exists) and because even though I am getting to know her, I don’t actually know her well enough yet. I can’t talk about work without passwording the posts which is a giant pain in the ass. The rest of what I could talk about … I don’t think I have the energy right now. I’m fighting my way through the last six months of school and it’s like walking through molasses. These are what they call the ‘concentration’ classes – each one is directly related to my (future) career and I can’t … um … concentrate. Everything that happened this summer, from the things I talked about (like “Bridget”) to the things I couldn’t talk about (like … never mind. I can’t talk about that) has finally caught up with me and all I want to do is sleep. Until, say, April.

Ah, but there is no rest for the wicked. Nor for you, either. It’s Sunday. Time for the 400th week of Unconscious Mutterings. It’s easy and fun and there are no wrong answers. You may have noticed that MoC cheats often comes up with the same answers that I do. It’s like she’s in my head. So this week, I’m adding a twist. I’m going to answer the way I think MoC would … and you guys should choose a partner and try to answer as your partner would. As usual, the person who gets the closest wins absolutely nothing.

Ready? Go.

  1. Return ::
  2. Alarms ::
  3. State ::
  4. Picture frame ::
  5. Wreath ::
  6. Arrest ::
  7. Sincere ::
  8. Nathan ::
  9. Bag ::
  10. Arched ::

  1. Return :: to Sender
  2. Alarms :: warning
  3. State :: of the Union
  4. Picture frame :: antique
  5. Wreath :: Christmas
  6. Arrest :: record
  7. Sincere :: apology
  8. Nathan :: Lane
  9. Bag :: lady
  10. Arched :: back