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I’ve been quietly emailing someone that I met on I’macatchwhycantIgetadate.com and getting to know her bit by little bit. I called her the Libra once before, but I don’t really like that name. I’ll think of something. I’ve been asking her a series of questions, some silly and some not so silly and then answering those questions myself.

I was talking to MoC tonight and I told her about one of the questions the mystery girl asked.

Me: She asked me if I could instantly master any musical instrument, what would it be and what genre would I choose?

MoC: Oh, I know what my answer would be.

Me: Ok, go.

MoC:  The piano.

Me: You can’t say the piano.

MoC:  Why not? I just did.

Me (sigh): Fine. What genre?

MoC: Oh, everything. Jazz first and then classical and …

Me: No. No.

MoC:  That was your answer too, wasn’t it?

Me: Yes! Stop it!

MoC:  Well, hell, maybe I should go out with her.