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There was a time when MoC and I didn’t get along. I know, hard to believe, right? But she was stubborn and hard-headed and she wouldn’t listen to me. She thought she knew everything and I couldn’t do anything right to save my life. Also, she was a real smart ass.

So now that my mother has finally grown up, we’ve both regressed to childhood … and our favorite thing is to make each other giggle like little kids. It’s not really that hard. When MoC’s dad reached a certain age, he got all involved with … you know … poop. And MoC didn’t want to hear it because … well, ewww. Even when she managed to change the subject with my grandfather, I never let her hear the end of it because it is my job to torment her. I’m good at it, too! It’s been kind of a running joke with us for the last couple years – and for the record, no we don’t discuss it seriously. Ever.

A couple months ago, MoC bought the same phone I have because she’s a copycat a new phone with a qwerty keyboard so she can text. Yeah, that was a mistake.  This was part of our conversation today:

Me: I have a ?  Would Tums make me stop farting?


Me:  Ignoring me?

MoC: No didn’t understand the 1st one

Me: I have the farts so wanted to know if tums would help

MoC: I thot u said TURNS and I didn’t want to take mine

Me: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Me: That made me laugh out loud. Some might call it a guffaw.

MoC: Did u fart too?

Me: LOL  of course!

Later …

Me: I haven’t farted in, like, an hour

MoC: U must have guffawed it all out

Me: Maybe the Tums worked. Can’t blame the dog. I’d blame you, but you aren’t here.

MoC: Thank God!!

Me: You know this is going on the blog, right?