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I’m hooked on that song. And yes I know it’s old. So am I. I just picked up a pair of socks from the floor in my office … and dropped them in the trash can in the kitchen.  *SIGH*

We had some amazing storms last night. Well, I thought they were amazing but according to Facebook, other people weren’t so impressed. Also my mom’s electricity went out. I know because she uses her answering machine to screen calls and her answering machine didn’t pick up. So I called her cell phone and said, “Are you sitting there in the dark?”  And she said, “Yeah, how did you know?”   This is how I know I’m tired: I didn’t take that opportunity to tease her.   *SIGH*

Maybe I’ll do better with Unconscious Mutterings.  I say … and you think … ? Be honest because I’ll know if you change your answers. Besides, if you change your answers to something sort of “normal” how am I going to make fun of you all week?

  1. Mustache ::
  2. Person ::
  3. Restore ::
  4. Discretion ::
  5. Lamp ::
  6. Pillow cover ::
  7. Arousal ::
  8. Seattle ::
  9. ATM ::
  10. Custard ::

My answers are after the jump … ready? GO.

  1. Mustache :: kool-aid
  2. Person :: of interest
  3. Restore :: faith
  4. Discretion :: is the better part of valor
  5. Lamp :: shade
  6. Pillow cover :: satin
  7. Arousal :: senses
  8. Seattle :: Slew
  9. ATM :: magic money machine
  10. Custard :: Colonel