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Hey people, can I have a chance to settle in before you start freaking out over the lack of puppy pictures on my blog? Really, is just ONE DAY to relax (and write an entire research paper that was due tonight) too much to ask? Seriously? You should be ashamed of yourselves. All of you. And by “all of you” I mean MoC.  Sheesh.

As usual, much hilarity ensued over the weekend. MoC even told me to fuck off, but I don’t remember the conversation. I mean, she was joking, of course. Sort of.  I think.

I plan on sorting the puppy pictures tomorrow and figuring out how I’m going to tell stories on everyone which include things like eating peasants, offending MoC, MoC’s subsequent guilt trips, not sleeping in the car but being forced to sleep on the couch, and why my brother is MoC’s favorite. I have photographic proof this time.

So stop PRESSURING ME … I’ll get to it tomorrow or Wednesday. Promise!