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… I’m taking the emergency slide.  Did you read about the JetBlue flight attendant who lost his mind after the plane landed at JFK? No? Then go here. It’s priceless.

Apparently a passenger started getting his stuff out of the overhead bin before the aircraft had come to a complete stop (and was still taxiing). The flight attendant asked him to sit down. And that’s when the fight started.

A “heated” exchange ensued, which culminated in Slater walking to the rear of the plane, where he grabbed the intercom. “To the passenger who called me a motherf***er, f*** you!” Slater yelled, passengers tell the New York Daily News. “I’ve been in the business 28 years. I’ve had it. That’s it.” He activated the emergency chute and slid away.

If you’re going to have a meltdown, you might as well make it public, use an intercom and then jump down a giant inflated slide.

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