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(ring, ring)

Me: Helloooo?

MoC: Jo AnnE unfriended me on Facebook.

Me: Really? What did you do to her?

MoC: Nothing! She’s not on my friend list. I don’t think she likes me anymore.

Me: I’m sure it’s not that. Well, pretty sure.

MoC: Do you think this means she’ll make us sleep outside when we visit next weekend?

Me: Probably.

MoC: I’m going to email her and ask.

Me: Yeah, because we’ll need a tent. And sleeping bags.

This is what MoC forwarded to me:

Dear Jo AnnE:
I see you “unfriended” me on Facebook. Does this mean we have to sleep in the yard when we come down? We’re bringing Dad’s car so if push comes to shove I guess we can sleep in the car. Please let me know because I sleep in the nude indoors, BUT if I’m sleeping out of doors I guess I’ll need to bring proper attire and mosquito spray.

I don’t think I can add anything to that.