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Hi! Hi! Hi!

For the first time in 5 days, I don’t have the song November Rain playing softly in my head. I know people talk all the time about having a song stuck in their head, but I really doubt they mean it plays continuously, even under other songs,  all day, all night, they go to sleep with it and wake up with it. Because that’s what I was talking about.  In. Sanity.  Yowza.

But it’s gone now and I’m happy again.

Friday night I went out with half of the rowdy crew of  coworkers … fun, fun, fun! Except for the fact that I was literally the 5th wheel. Anyway, it was good to get out and see people and socialize and be nice and I didn’t die. I didn’t even throw up.  I am invited to a pool party this weekend. I’m going. Yes, you read that correctly. I will be socializing again, dangerously soon after the last time.  I won’t be wearing a swimsuit, though.   I was going to post a picture of a fat woman in a swimsuit, but I like you guys. Besides, I plan on skinny-dipping.  (You’re welcome)

Tonight I was all prepared to kick back and relax but then I realized I had a homework assignment due … one that I hadn’t even started. I am over school, just over it. I’m in the middle of a “it’s not going to help me find a job, so why do I even care because it’s a waste of  A LOT of money” phase. I may or may not get over it soon. Basically what it means is that I am pretty much blowing it off and I don’t care what kind of grade I get, as long as it’s an A.

I ran across an interesting blog post on Dave’s site today. And by interesting, I mean kind of heavy, but something everyone should read because really, it affects all of us.  Here is the background post.  That’s the post that made me very sad.  But this is the post that enraged me and made me want to cheer all at the same time. Read them both. It’s probably important.